No Limits Ranch

Where dreams of living with no limits come alive!

All-Inclusive Adventure and Healing Retreat

A fun-filled experience for disabled young adults and their families.  Inspired by the dream of Andy Arnold and his family.

We believe that every person is created to live with no limits because the Creator lives within them!  It is a life/love filled journey that we can share together!

Ranchers Experience:

  • Sessions and family rides with therapy horses
  • Art classes for the family
  • Family fishing adventure
  • LieBusting healing (like busting a bronc on the ranch only busting lies we’ve agreed with in our lives holding us back!)
  • New friendships made
  • Building family memories
  • Healthy grass-fed and organic foods
  • Peaceful walks on the groomed trails through the wooded property of Elk Trace!!
  • 5 joy-filled days on a working horse ranch with a custom timber frame lodge, fire pit, and 100 acres to embrace the largeness of life with new friends and family without any pressure of financial burdens!!

The No Limits Ranch is 100% Sponsor and Fan Supported

We wouldn’t be able to host this all-expenses paid experience if it weren’t for supporters like you who believe in the NO LIMITS movement Andy started.